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We help law firms grow and maintain success, while also working to facilitate the transition of law practices to the next generation of attorneys.


CRS Law Firm Management Consulting, Inc. provides business management consulting and succession planning consulting to solo practitioners and small law practices.

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Constance R. Sherrod works to provide law firms with the management tools needed to grow their practices and achieve their goals.

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Consulting Services For Law Firms and Attorneys Throughout the United States

Attorneys put in a great deal of time and effort to ensure that they are properly trained and prepared to help clients address legal issues. However, attorneys who own and manage law firms will also need to develop a number of other skills related to managing a business. Balancing the need to provide high-quality legal services for clients with concerns related to operating a firm efficiently is not always easy. Fortunately, with the help of a consultant who understands the needs and goals of law firms, attorneys can make sure they are positioned for success.

At CRS Law Firm Management Consulting, Inc., we provide consulting services for multiple types of law firms, focusing on helping solo practitioners and small firms, including Black-owned and minority-owned firms, develop strategic plans and address ongoing concerns. In addition to providing consulting to address specific concerns over a limited period of time, we can provide fractional COO, CFO, and HR services, ensuring that a firm will have a trusted partner assisting with these needs on an ongoing basis. We also work with attorneys to put succession plans in place to maintain continuity after they retire or leave a firm. We work with law firms located throughout the entire United States. To learn how we can assist your firm, contact us at 312-396-4144.

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We help
legal Professionals
manage their business.

With our understanding of the ongoing management issues law firms need to address, we can help ensure that they have the right policies, procedures, and workflows in place. We can help select and implement the right software tools, including case management and CRM systems. We can also assist with staff hiring and staff training, ensuring that team members are prepared to meet clients' needs.


We are coaches,
advisors, teachers
& facilitators.

We provide a wide variety of consulting services, including coaching on how to run a law firm efficiently while increasing profitability. We offer mastermind sessions in which attorneys can connect with their colleagues, discuss strategies, share their successes, and help each other work toward achieving their goals. Whether you are planning to start a new law firm, acquire an existing firm, merge with another practice, or sell a law firm, we can make sure you are prepared to address and resolve any concerns you may encounter.

We can provide guidance throughout every stage of your firm's lifecycle. In addition to advice on the efficient operation and management of your firm, we can help you determine the best succession planning strategies as you approach retirement or choose to pursue other opportunities.


Our Mission

We can perform a detailed analysis of your firm's strengths and weaknesses and help you set goals that will allow for ongoing success.



When starting a new firm, we can make sure you have the right policies and management procedures in place to operate successfully.


About Us

We can review your online presence and provide suggestions for improvements that will help you connect with potential clients.

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